Great Room Additions: Are They a Good Idea?

great room addition design builder westborough mass
great room addition design builder westborough mass

Thinking of having a great room? Can’t decide what is your right for you and your family? A great room is a multi-use room that provides homes with an open concept, something that seems to be on everyone’s wish list these days. However, like everything in life a great room has its pros and cons but what outweighs the other is based upon your own personal preferences. To help you figure out what is right for your space and for yourself, here are some pros and cons of the highly trendy great room!

Pro: More Time Spent with Family

With the kitchen and family room being connected, you are more involved with what the rest of your family is doing, whether it be working on homework, cooking a meal or watching TV! Without a great room, the spaces would be closed off and family members would be disconnected, unable to converse and spend less quality time together.

Pro: Getting Rid of Unused Space

Have a room that rarely gets used and is taking up space? Maybe a living room that is hardly used or a dining room that is reserved for really special occasions? Creating a great room out of that space eliminates that unwanted space and turns it into something that everyone will enjoy such as a larger kitchen or family room area, eliminating that dead space!

Con: Walls Could be Low Bearing

Unfortunately, creating an open space could require you to knock down some load bearing walls. Fortunately, WDC is more than capable of handling this scope of work; and in addition, we provide the engineering specs and steel/LVL for the project.

Pro: Easier to Entertain Guests

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is where guests often end up the most. Having a great room allows for guests to socialize in the kitchen while still being able to watch the big game! Without a great room, guests could feel more separated and closed off from one another causing them to choose between activities. Additionally, as the host you are able to participate in conversations while still preparing food!

Con: No Privacy

In a home that is compartmentalized, you have the ability to have privacy from other family members to do what you please. However, in an open concept space you lose that privacy. Each family has to decide what would work best for them. Some may love the open concept idea while others don’t! Every situation is different.