Adding Pops Of Color To A White Kitchen Design

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Over the past several years, all-white kitchens have seen a huge rise in popularity and have become one of the most desired kitchen styles of the last decade. This popular trend allows kitchens to feel warm and bright as well as more open and inviting. However, despite the all-white trend, is it possible for the space to feel too white and overwhelmingly bright to look at? The solution: add some pops of color!!

Below are a few tips to help you avoid that overwhelming amount of white in your trendy all-white kitchen!

Potted Plants and Flower Arrangements

The contrasting colors of the potted plants and flowers allow for the mainly white kitchen to not be too overwhelming! See Blog Detail Main Photo

Unique Backsplash

This marbled, black veined backsplash creates a great contrast between the white of the cabinetry and is a focal point of the space.

Hardwood Elements

Elements of hardwood such as the flooring, island countertop or bar stools provide the space with warmth.

modern kitchen marble backsplash - kitchen design builder westborough mass modern kitchen hardwood table and chairs - kitchen design builder westborough mass